Welcome to our Grout Color family!

Hi there!

We are glad you came by!

I’m Mk and this is Josh. “Hello everyone!” We strongly believe that who we are as individuals and what we do for others help us to live in a better environment.

We are just regular people like you, who love to help others.

Our regular job, me as a paramedic (don’t worry you’ll understand!) and Josh as a hardware store manager, lets us have that personal contact with others and just help them in any way we can. And we love it!

But, we wanted to do more… So we decided to make this blog!

We created a grout color blog because we have seen the struggle that people go thru when it comes to creating a new home improvement project. Always forgetting the little details, like choosing grout color.

Grout color is so important that changing it can influence the look in a space and it can totally influence our mood or behavior.

As insignificant as grout may seem, is a very important part of your project. The truth is that it may take us a while to choose “which type is the one I need”? or “ what color should I use?” if we have forgotten about it and don’t have time to waste.

Don’t worry we got your back!

We’ve searched and will keep searching…to bring you tips and valuable information about grout colors, combinations, how to’s and a lot more. All in one place! We don’t want you to be running around and wasting time.

We want to guide you. Help you create your own personalized space. One that will relax you when you need it, or one where you can get inspired, or just a space that helps you feel comfortable.

In any case, it will be a new challenge and at the end of your project, you will be satisfied.

Here we just want to make your life easier and happier! Only if you let us.

We hope you like our blog. It is made just for you.

Feel free to contact us at any time. Even just to say hi!

Tell us what will you like to find on our blog.

Thanks for all of your support! You are awesome!!