4 Ways to Get my Ideal Grout Color

You are excited because of your new home improvement project. You have chosen the tiles, the type of grout and your perfect grout color.

How do we get that Ideal Grout Color?

There are a couple of ways you can add color to your grout. It all depends on the color you choose and the time you have for it.

1. This is the easiest way to do it.

Get your ideal color by buying a pre-mixed grout with the color already added in it. There are a variety of colors and manufactures to choose from.

2. Add acrylic paint to the grout mix.

Just simply add color while mixing it at the beginning of the project. Remember that the color might change a bit after grout dries.

3. You can add the color after the grout has hardened.

This time you will use a color sealant. The advantage, grout will be sealed to prevent moisture to get in and at the same time, you will get your ideal color. Remember Epoxy-based grout doesn’t need sealing.

4. Want a real challenge?

Get your grout color by painting grout lines with acrylic paint. This method is mostly used when you want to change your existing grout color. Just in case you don’t like your first color choice.

Grout comes in a variety of colors but if you want to spice it up a bit use colorants to do the job. Just use your imagination!

Now let’s get that ideal color!!