5 Simple Steps to Choose the Perfect Grout Color

As insignificant as it looks, grout plays a very important part in your project. It helps bond the tiles together and prevents the tiles from cracking at the edges.

But what about grout color?

Variation in color can completely change the look in a space. Choosing a grout color can be stressful. We can easily waste valuable time just thinking about it… “Which one would it be? How will it look with our chosen tiles? It’s just so stressful…”

Although there are a variety of tile/grout combinations you can use, choosing the right one doesn’t have to be so frustrating.

So, just follow this simple steps and you will easily have your grout color/tile combination without all the stress.

Let’s just take it step by step.

1. First, choose your tile.

Keep in mind where does your tile go. Is your project in the bathroom or kitchen? Are you working on walls, making a backsplash or restoring the floor? What type of tile will you prefer, printed or maybe solid? What color?

There are a variety of designs to choose from.

Maybe you’ll like an unusual tile shape.

Now that you have your desire tile, let’s give it your own touch.

What look do you want to have in your space?

2. Looking for a simple and classic look.

If you want one that doesn’t draw much attention you just need to choose a grout color that complements the tile. A color that matches will give you a homogeneous (uniform) look.

3. Want to highlight your tile’s design?

If using tiles like chevron, herringbone, geometric or decorative pattern, all you need is a grout color oppose to the tile.

Use a color darker than the tile.

If you choose a dark colored tile just use a light grout color.

4. You can also go with a more neutral look.

Something between matching and contrasting. All you have to do is choose a light neutral grout color like grey, beige or even tan.

Now, remember it is also important to keep in mind how often do you want to clean. Lighter grout color will need to be cleaned more often specially if it’s on the floor.

5. Looking for a fun look and vibrant look.

Dare to try colorful grout. It works perfectly when it picks up a hue that’s found elsewhere in the room. It will definitely give a unique feeling to your room. There are a variety of new colors to try. Just let your imagination do the job!

And that’s all! See… that wasn’t so hard!

Now you have a personalized room with your perfect grout color combination!!

Quick Tip:

Remember to keep the tiles and grout color identification name or number. This will come in handy if at some point you need to make some repairs.