The Difference Grout Color Can Make

The tile is difficult to choose, grout should be easy, sometimes. I can’t give you specifics, because your grout color is dependent almost completely on your tile and your kitchen, bath or floor design. That being said, considering what different colors of grout can do to your room is a very good thing.

Let's start with a wall ready for the tile installation

The goal of preparing a wall for tile is to create a flat, dry, solid surface firmly attached to the wall studs with no flexibility or movement that could damage installed tile and grout. Once the wall is ready, the installation process begins.

White Tile with White Grout

The decade-long combo that's perfect for DIY home renovations, may seem ordinary, but is actually a classic, giving any place a clean and up-to-date look. Among the most popular options in the white tile category we have the subway tile. It is very affordable and will never go out of style. As you can see, white to white looks great here, providing a clean and simple look.

If you want your tile to be the main character in the movie, and not necessarily the pattern the grout creates, try matching your grout color to your tile color. This prevents the eye from being distracted from the grout lines.

Since we chose subway tiles we continue with this trend for the next illustrations.

White Tile with Black Grout

Doing this on your tile will accentuate the grout, which in turn makes the entire space seem busier and less calming, but gives it that elegant look if that's what you're looking for. It is important to know how to use this combination, in general I'm not a fan of using a grout equal to or close to the shade of the tile, I always like to make color combinations with the entire environment to bring a more accurate harmony.

To mark the pattern try a grout color that completely contrasts with your tile. It will create a dynamic appearance by allowing the grout to be part of the overall design. Here, we show the black grout to match the white tile. Black accessories are now highlighted and add to the general look.

White Tile with Brown Grout

If brown is your favorite color, continue with brown grout. Again, it's a very specific aspect that makes it a bit less common than the other two, but when done right it can work and brings a graphic element into space. The appearance of the light and the external elements where the installation will be are the key in the selection of colors like this. You can go from clean, up-to-date and elegant to a more neutral hue.

Imagine a kitchen with shades of natural wood or a bathroom with brown details. Using grout with shades of brown can make the entire stage part of the same piece.

Black Tile with White Grout

Now when you go with a black tile and a white grout, you will see things start to look a bit busier, the tile look is emphasized more than it would if it were all tonal. It is still a very beautiful and elegant look.

Black is a pretty ideal backdrop for most anything. Black subway tile, with white grout, acts as an eye-catching background behind shelving and decorative objects.

Black Tile with Black Grout

Intriguing, quiet, dark, cold but also beautiful. It has its touch and provides a unique questioning path. Perfect for those who love the night and the black color in general. This combination with good lighting captures many eyes.

A black-on-black tile installation adds a modern touch to a traditional fireplace. I have also seen beautiful black-on-black floors in combination with beautiful white-on-white walls. Can also imagine a completely black shower with details in satin metal. This combination has infinite installation strategies to provide glamour in different spaces.

Black Tile with Brown Grout

It is a rare combination, not very common, in fact I have not seen it in many installations. I decided to add it in the illustrations to follow the logical order of the blog post and because I was curious to see what the final result would look like. If you are a fan of tiles and wood, using this combination in an environment with various rustic details could result in a unique project and capture glances and even start conversations regarding your decision for that combination.

I have seen bathrooms where black and brown tiles are installed where the brown grout plays the determining factor of beauty and style with that unique and captivating touch. Having said that, adding some artificial plants give that pleasant natural impact inside your home.

External Objects

I want to add two additional illustrations to explain the impact of the objects in the environment that are part of your decoration. A simple wooden frame painting can change the look of brown grout tile combinations. I invite you to see the comparison and structure your own conclusions.

White Tile + Brown Grout + Painting

Black Tile + Brown Grout + Painting

In summary, you should not be so practical and always go for the trend that the grout color should be equal to the color of the tile. Think, if the grout is colored, Why not combine instead of equalize?. Each person has a unique creative value. Just use your imagination and break the routines.