What's Grout Color App?

Grout Color App is a smart grout viewer in the palm of your hands. No need for plastic color samples anymore. Grout Color App lets you apply different colors to a tile texture using your smartphone.

What type of tiles can I use?

You can use any type of tile. Remember that the app handles textures, in simple words, the art or design of the tile surface. Not yet updated to preview grout in mosaics.

When using Grout Color App, how can I get the most accurate color combination?

In the previous question, it was explained that Grout Color App handles textures. When taking a picture of the tile surface, you should be aware that the picture you are about to take should match the real tile. You can get the perfect shot by avoiding shadows, the mirror effect that can be in some high gloss tiles, and don't use the flash.

When downloading an image from the internet you may need to edit it in the image editor of your smartphone. Most of the images that are downloaded have a white background that must be crop before using it within the app. You must take into account the orientation of the downloaded image, you may need to rotate the image to better appreciate the tile in relation to the pattern you want to use. If the the downloaded image have a different extencion (ex: .webp) you can change the extension to .jpg so that the application can recognize it. There are online services to carry out this task or simply rename the image and add the extension .jpg.

You can learn more in the "Adjust, crop, or rotate a photo" section of Google Photos Help.

Does the Grout Color App work without an internet connection?

Yes, all the core code is internal and resides within the files of the app. The app only needs internet for redirects, for example, if you want to visit our website from the app's internal button.

Does the Grout Color App have a tutorial?

Sure. Once you buy the app, within the color test functionality, you will see a button with the words "how to use" on the far right.

I heard that Grout Color App was updated what’s new?

The new version of the Grout Color App was completely redesigned. The full screen view was significantly improved by allowing you to change colors and increase or decrease the space between each tile. In addition, the Grout Color App has tile patterns that allow you to have a more complete concept of previewing your tile and grout combination.

Where can I get the Grout Color App?

At the moment Grout Color App is available on Google Play (Android). Studies and tests are being carried out to bring it to the App Store (iOS) in the near future.

I bought Grout Color App by accident, how do I get a refund?

Refunds are issued through your phone’s Google Play store. To issue a refund request; if you’re an Android user, follow the instructions in Google Play help page.