A smart grout viewer in the palm of your hands

Deciding if the grout color should be gray or white can be tough because of not knowing what it will look like beforehand. The overall look you want to project can have a big impact even on the smallest details.

That's why we decided to create the

Grout Color App


The Grout Color App is based on technology developed by ClassHD Arts. This revolutionary patent-pending mobile software utilize smartphone camera to place a tile texture on your screen and apply different grout colors and tile patterns. Once you have created the combination of your choice, you can place the smartphone close to the surface where you want to install the tiles. You will be able to visualize, in a digital way, the possible result of your combination. You can get creative from the comfort of your home or work area. The Grout Color App is not only for tile installers, it is for anyone who wants to have extra help before a difficult process to carry out, such as a tile project. This kind of project must be thought through as they are difficult to break and rebuild.

Using the Grout Color app is as simple as

Capture or load a tile texture

Select colors from app color palette

Select the right pattern

Calculate tiles and grout needed

Our goal is to make sure you can choose the right grout color anywhere from your phone

The Grout Color App is and will be

A smart grout viewer in the palm of your hands.


What's Grout Color App?

Grout Color App is a smart grout viewer in the palm of your hand. No need for plastic color samples anymore. Grout Color App lets you apply different colors to a tile texture using your smartphone.

What type of tiles can I use?

You can use any type of tile. Remember that the app handles textures, in simple words, the art or design of the tile surface. Not yet updated to preview grout in mosaics.