Grout Color App Review

* NOTE: This review is from the old version of the app.

Best Tool For Your Tile Instalation Project

Today I’m going to talk about a new digital tool called Grout Color App. If you are planning any kind of tile instalation project…? You definitely need to keep reading.

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Grout Color App

It is easy to use, intelligent, intuitive and very useful. This application was created by our team to meet the needs of all people who would like to see the wide variety of combinations that can be made with one tile by changing the grout color, in a unique way.

Who is it for?

It’s perfect for anyone that’s planning a tile instalation project, homeowners, contractors, DIYers, housewifes. Business owners where they can show their customers the different color changes without using a tile or their respective grout color plastic samples.

It is time to use your own device to make those important decisions. Just use your smartphone from the comfort of your home!

How does it works?

Select a language

At the moment, the Grout Color App has English (default) and Spanish. Our team is doing some research in order to add more languages.

Color Test

The app has several features but let’s talk about the main function, Color Test.

Press the ‘Color Test’ button then...

Take or load a picture

Inside 'Color Test' you will have a friendly interface where you can take a picture of a tile or attach one of your photos. Maybe one that you have downloaded from the Internet. There is nothing wrong with looking for the perfect tile for your project on the Internet, just download it for personal use and add it to the application.

*NOTE: Some tile photos or dowloaded images may need minor adjustments from your phone gallery, for example some cropping if necessary.

Now comes the interesting part!

Color Selection

Here you can choose between the variety of popular colors we have added. You can scroll and pick between colors until you reach the perfect tile and grout color combination.

View tile pattern in full screen

Once you have selected your color combination appropriately you can see the pattern on full screen. In this way you can place your phone in front of the area where you are going to do the installation and, observing the image on your screen, you can have a more realistic impression of what the color combination would look like. You can also change the colors from the full screen view. At the moment we only have one tile pattern for full screen view. In the new update, 6 common tile installation patterns are being added.

It is very important that you keep in mind the environment where you are going to do the new tile installation. Will it be your kitchen backsplash or your bathroom? Maybe a renovation on the floor, which is a high traffic area.

Usually, there is a rule that “makes things easier”, but sometimes it is not so suitable. Most installers or sellers tell you that you should choose your grout color a little lighter or a little darker than your tile color… and that could be ok. But the Grout Color team thinks that it doesn’t always have to be so boring. You can try new different colors in a second, in the palm of your hand.

It will be fun and easy to try new colors with this simple tool!



This Grout Color App is so amazing that you can also calculate the amount of grout needed for your project. Just add your tile’s measurements (lenght, width and thickness), the grout lines width and the size of your space and it will give you how much grout you need to cover all grout lines for your specific project.


And there’s more, it can also calculate the number of tiles needed for your space. It's important to add 5% when calculating the tiles needed. Some future repair may be necessary or maybe break some in the installation process. Some tiles may be discontinued after 5 years.

The Grout Color Team is so satisfied with the results of this app. Hope you love it too!

People are always in a hurry doing a million things, that sometimes forget the little details. With this tool we wanted to make your life easier. Hope we could help you with your new project!

So, ready to give it a try? Just click HERE!

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